eXplorance Invited to Speak at Great Place to Work Annual Conference

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eXplorance, ranked for a second time in the top 50 list of Best Workplaces in Canada, will deliver a presentation about how creating a culture of "continuous improvement" has impacted their growth.

Montreal, Canada – April 08, 2015– eXplorance, the leading assessment solution provider, has been recognized as one of the best Canadian companies to work for by the Great Place to Work Institute, for a second year in a row. As the leader in providing Learning Experience Management solutions, eXplorance is committed to serve as a learning hub where its employees can grow through a continuous improvement process, the same process that the company suggests implementing for clients. eXplorance's CEO, Samer Saab, will be presenting at the 2015 Great Place to Work Annual Conference, taking place in Toronto, April 8 and 9, to share his vision of employee engagement.

Last year, eXplorance was ranked 39th in Canada. The ranking is based on a rigorous assessment of the employees' level of trust in the company and an overall portrait of the workplace culture. In the past year, eXplorance integrated the Institute's five trust-building dimensions - credibility, fairness, respect, camaraderie and pride - to its employee engagement strategy and continued to enhance its internal processes accordingly. These five dimensions not only have the potential to decrease employee turnover by 50%, according to the Institute, but they are also at the core of eXplorance's corporate values. With this commitment in mind, Saab will share practical tips and advice to make other organizations a great place to work in.

Saab's presentation will be entitled "Lessons in Creating a Thriving Organic Business Culture." It echoes his experience as the employee of a top-tier high-tech firm in Massachusetts, and as CEO of an improvement-focused company that has experienced high growth over the past few years. Instilling a culture of continuous improvement has been the cornerstone of eXplorance's growth. This culture is derived from an ongoing cycle of positive change to enhance products, services, and offerings. It enables individuals and organizations to progress towards common goals by focusing on learning and development. As Saab explains: "It's not just about products, it's about people ... In the workplace, you can hope that everyone is doing things right. In places where culture comes first, you can trust that everyone is doing the right thing." During Saab's presentation, executives will realize what actionable insights they can implement. Attendees will learn how to reduce HR policies without impacting business structure and growth, build an organic culture based on an influence-centric leadership style, and develop successful talent recruitment, engagement, performance, and compensation strategies.

Come and attend the "Lessons in Creating a Thriving Organic Business Culture" presentation or contact us to receive a copy of this presentation.

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