Client Success Story: Global Restaurant Chain


Global Restaurant Chain


+25,000 employees


Metrics That Matter

"Don’t assume that you know what your business partners expect in terms of data. Be open-minded and willing to tell a more concise story vs. trying to tell the story that has a lot of validating data points. We’re often looking for proof when all we need is something that sets us on the right path."

— L&D Leader

Client Challenge

Prior to engaging Metrics that Matter, the client’s measurement approach was labor intensive, with insights provided to senior leaders on an “as-needed” basis. L&D prioritized one strategic program serving new managers. This eight-week program included both formal and informal learning, on-the-job training, and a three-day retreat focusing on concepts more challenging to cover in a restaurant setting. The organization was also preparing to create a brand new leadership development platform consisting of 36 new self-paced courses. With a smaller team and pressure to cut costs and increase efficiencies, L&D needed to do more to tell its story and strengthen its partnership with the business.

MTM™ Solution

The client leveraged MTM technology and consulting to:

  • Articulate a future state vision based on learning analytics best practices
  • Re-establish a balanced set of KPIs and align reporting to key stakeholder roles and decision-making needs
  • Align courses to business outcomes to optimize operational and executive reporting
  • Streamline data collection, benchmarking, and reporting across courses to enable timely course comparisons and improvements
  • Leverage MTM research and tools to increase manager engagement and accountability


With improvements to data collection, analysis, and reporting, the client has undergone a transformation generating tangible results for L&D and the business. Examples include:

  • Increasing efficiency in staff resourcing and allocation (e.g., recruiting an instructional designer instead of hiring additional analysts)
  • Using MTM data to improve learning application to the job by developing tools and resources that will drive deeper manager engagement
  • Making a business case for learning content developed internally versus externally to reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Implementing broad-based measurement to make more strategic portfolio-level decisions versus changes to one program or course at a time.


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