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Metrics That Matter

"It was all theoretical before MTM."

— -Senior L&D Leader

Heartland Dental is a leading DSO offering a variety of services to supported dentists and their teams. The organization’s goal is to support dentists as they deliver the highest quality care and experiences to the communities they serve. Leveraging MTM, we worked with Heartland Dental to develop and scale the organization’s first robust measurement plan. Heartland Dental continues to employ MTM technology and consulting for strategic decision-making across its entire learning portfolio.

Client Challenge:

Prior to MTM, Heartland Dental collected satisfaction and ad-hoc feedback from learners through “Smile Sheets”. The organization did not have a measurement strategy in place for collecting learner or manager feedback that could drive decision-making for any courses or programs. L&D’s credibility and ability to demonstrate value was at risk. Shifts in organizational leadership and focus on company growth began to pave the way for Heartland Dental to develop an evidence base beyond anecdotal feedback.

MTM Solution:

We worked with Heartland Dental to establish a robust measurement plan encompassing all learning assets. The solution included:

  • Post event, follow-up, and manager evaluations deployed across courses and programs
  • Automated, role-based reports to target insights for decision-making needs
  • Disaggregated results by learning methodology (instructor-led training, self-paced, web based, etc.)
  • Incorporated best practices in change management for MTM adoption and scaling
  • Strategic consulting and custom data analysis to report on progress, share best practices, and develop action plans for improvement


By adopting the MTM solution and consulting, Heartland Dental was able to:

  • Increase L&D savings and efficiency by automating data collection and reporting
  • Incorporate MTM data and insights into company metrics such as procedures and revenue to tell a deeper story of impact to Heartland Dental stakeholders
  • Socialize best practice metrics such as performance improvement, impact and value, and Net Promoter Score across the organization
  • Improve L&D credibility by engaging business leaders on progress and performance for key programs and linking performance to participation in training
  • Successfully share compelling insights with multiple stakeholders via custom reports, infographics, and dashboards


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