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Metrics That Matter

"The insights and storytelling that help us manage what we do—that’s really the value that we get out of MTM."

— Ciena L&D Leader

As a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment, software, and services, Ciena is continuously evolving its learning approach. With the support of MTM™ technology and insights, Ciena Learning is driving results for its customers, becoming a strategic partner to the business, and enhance storytelling on impact to key stakeholders.

Client Challenge

Prior to engaging Metrics that Matter, Ciena was collecting instructor-led training data from customers via paper-based surveys. Analysis and reporting were executed manually for classes run around the globe. This approach generated an estimated 30% survey response rate, and an even lower N count on valid surveys used for analysis. Data management, reliability, and validity were serious concerns. Moreover, no data was collected for Ciena’s web-based training, leaving gaps in the story of impact for key stakeholders. Ciena needed more robust, compelling insights that would 1) drive decision-making and continuous improvement for critical learning assets, 2) reposition Ciena Learning as a strategic services partner to sales teams and the business more broadly, and 3) Uniquely position Ciena Learning to solve customers’  business problems.

MTM™ Solution

We worked with Ciena to develop post event and follow-up evaluations leveraging Metrics that Matter SmartSheets. Ciena began to collect and benchmark data across efficiency, effectiveness, and outcome areas. We collaborated to ensure that evaluations were asking the most important questions for Ciena regarding knowledge and skill gain, job application, learning effectiveness, and customer experience. We then set up recurring reports to ensure that Ciena would receive on demand insights to highlight success cases and make timely course corrections in key areas. Highlights included:

  • Quick analysis at the question level from learners and instructors to immediately address feedback on the Ciena Learning experience
  • Course comparisons by learning method, generated weekly and monthly for Ciena Learning leadership team analysis and action
  • Insights into human capital metrics such as learning effectiveness and performance improvement for quarterly executive dashboards.

We also worked closely with Ciena to develop a plan for increasing learner participation in evaluation, including direct communication with training delivery managers and scripts for instructors to reiterate the importance of learner feedback.


Ciena’s adoption of MTM™ standards and technology has resulted in tangible benefits for Ciena Learning and the business, including:

  • Increasing response rates for more reliable data from learners and instructors
  • Using MTM™ results to improve learning effectiveness and job application by improving ILT and web-based courseware
  • Generating additional learning services revenue for Ciena by penetrating markets with the sales team through new data and insights to tell the story of impact.



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