The Latest Blue Updates – December 2019

Written by Chanel Sutherland, Director, Corporate Marketing, Explorance.


Blue continues to push new frontiers in data collection, time-saving opportunities, rich analytics, and end-user experiences. This latest update comes with enhanced support for all key stakeholders, including faculty, students, administrators, and IT. Here’s what’s new with Blue.

Supporting IT Infrastructure

  • Advanced Privacy/GDPR Mode: To support the most rigorous implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy regulations, Blue is equipped to fully anonymize survey respondent demographics the moment each response has been submitted. With this mode, personally identifying information can be scrubbed automatically while preserving sufficient demographic information for rich analysis.

Ensuring Rater Participation

  • Earliest Due Date in Email Title: Impactful communications can make the difference between a successful course evaluation campaign and one that generates lackluster participation. To help with engagement, we’ve created urgency by allowing survey creators to display a due date directly in email subject lines.

Enhancing Report Access

  • Report Category and Subcategory: Locating historical reports is simple if you know what you are searching for. To streamline the reporting experience, we’ve added categories and subcategories to help find reports easily and conveniently.

Increasing Administrator Flexibility

  1. Log In As: It’s useful for project administrators to have access to the user interface of a survey participant or report viewer. This will help them provide guidance and instruction, or troubleshoot their environment when they report an issue. With Blue, administrators can emulate the experience of a user and view their dashboards, tasks, and reports as they would see them as part of the quality validation process.
  2. Response Rate Monitor Project List: For organizations with a decentralized administration environment, we have put the capability to manage project selection in the hands of the project managers. This takes some of the load off the central administrator, while still allowing them full access to manage the entire system’s project listing.
  3. Non-respondent Demographics: Some survey creators seek insights into which segments of their respondent population did not respond. This additional analytics data point allows survey creators to shape more targeted communications for future survey campaign.
  4. Automatic Demographic and Survey Timing Synchronization: We wanted to provide a more granular automation capability driven by changes in specific course demographic information. Now administrators have one less task to manage manually as both the demographic data and the ensuing timing of invitations can be read and synchronized automatically from the data source. By activating automation on large survey campaigns, Blue helps eliminate the manual efforts that would otherwise be needed.
  5. Automatically Distribute Raw Data at Aggregate Level: Access to raw data alongside standard reports can provide additional insights into the results. This feature allows administrators to automatically distribute raw data at an aggregated level for external analysis. Administrators benefit from time saved from having to manually distribute physical files by letting the system do it for them.

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