MTM 8.3.3 – A Minor Update Featuring New Dashboard Templates, Additional Language Support, and Improved Ease-of-use

Written by Ian Ehninger, Explorance.

MTM 8.3.3

Montreal, Quebec – August 15, 2022 – MTM (Metrics That Matter) is Explorance’s Learning & Development effectiveness solution. MTM helps HR and training professionals to measure, better understand, and increase the effectiveness of their current talent and professional development programs.

Today sees the release of MTM 8.3.3, a minor update that delivers a host of enhancements and a few firsts for the platform.

From new dashboard templates to improved multilingual support, MTM 8.3.3 provides users from around the world with improved support, clarity, and ease-of-use.

In response to client feature requests, the latest update to MTM delivers some long-awaited usability and visual updates, enabling users to gain a better understanding of their data, with less room for misinterpretation.

Additionally, there is now added multilingual support for Arabic and Hebrew speakers within the MTM Student Sites, as well as some newly translated Smartsheets in Greek, Hungarian, and Traditional Chinese.

What’s New?

MTM Product Manager Eric Matson

Lead Product Manager Eric Matson commented on this release:

“MTM 8.3.3 strikes a nice balance of increasing access to the latest insights with improved usability. There are a few features I think demonstrate this most. With the addition of Arabic & Hebrew surveys, our users have a whole new audience of learners to collect feedback from and to collect that feedback in those learners’ native language. By offering our SmartSheets in additional languages, we ensure that benchmarks are more available and robust for all users. The new dashboard templates, in addition to being new out-the-box solutions for monitoring different types of performance, mark our ability to provide users with best practices tailored to their MTM experience. Ultimately, this release will ensure users continue to have the best tools available to measure and analyze their trainings’ performance.” 

  • New dashboard templates – MTM 8.3.3 adds 2 more dashboard templates to the platform, adding a template for both Conference users and Microsoft Learning Partners. These templates offer users a launching pad to create dashboards tailored to their use case and based on the recommendations of industry experts.
  • Updated Benefits to Cost Ratio defaults – We pride ourselves on building the latest industry methodology and research into MTM. As such, we have the industry defaults of Cost per Person and Salary per Person, as provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and ATD State of Industry 2021 Report, which have been updated to ensure MTM users are using the latest industry metrics in their reports and dashboards
  • Updates to Course Report Recipients (CRR) Download – Improving ease-of-use, the updates to the CRR download bring information into one place, eliminating the need to go to other parts of MTM to see which CRRs are assigned to which courses. Additionally, downloading the CRR excel file will now include more key data that is not seen on the Manager CRR page.
  • Improved multilingual support – With the addition of new translations and additional multilingual support for languages that read right to left, Arabic and Hebrew-speaking MTM respondents and learners can now view Class surveys in their respective languages. Additionally, standard translations for Smartsheets are now also available in Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Hungarian, and Traditional Chinese.
  • Deactivate Classes from the LMS – Clients using the MTM Connect IN API can now deactivate a class in MTM directly from their LMS. This ensures consistency between the two systems and ensures that surveys will not go out for classes that did not occur.

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