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Increase Participation in Course Evaluations with Blue 5.5.4

High response rates are important to the success of your course evaluations. Yet, as more higher education institutions move to online evaluations, some are still struggling with what to do about low response rates.

Blue 5.5.4 includes a variety of features and functionalities that can lead to a sustained increase in student engagement and response rates, rather than a temporary spike. The Response Rate Monitor provides the tools necessary for all levels of your institution to engage in monitoring ongoing evaluation projects, analyze the level of response, and act appropriately to achieve response rate targets. The following describe some of these features.

1-View Live Responses: The first stage to meeting your targets is to know what response rates are being achieved. With Blue 5.5.4, you can track overall response status across all subjects in real-time during the course evaluation period. This live view allows decision-makers to adjust their strategy to increase participation and engagement.

2-Manage Campaigns and Targets: Subjects are grouped based on where they are in the evaluation process. By examining this information, you can see the number of subjects that have achieved a particular target. This will help identify potential real-time problems in the evaluation process. Areas of concern can then be proactively addressed and actions taken to improve response rates.

3-Track Where Response are Coming From: Knowing where responses are coming from can go a long way in helping you achieve your target. Blue 5.5.4 Response Tracking Analytics will allow you to see where responses are coming from by operating system, browser, and location. You will also be able to track when invitations are received compared to when they are invited as well as the elapsed time it takes to complete a questionnaire.

4-Take Action: With access to response rates analytics, you can now have clearer understanding of where your actions would have the biggest impact. Actions might include:

-Extending the evaluation deadline

-Sending additional email notifications

-Providing additional incentives for students to complete the evaluation

-Following up with raters in-person to remind them of the evaluation

What has your institution done to increase course evaluations response rates? Comment below and let us know.

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Chanel M. Sutherland
Marketing Content Specialist, Explorance

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