How is Talent Reporting Changing? Learn from Industry Experts at CTR 2020

Written by Yvette M. Kennedy, Vice President, Consulting, Explorance.

Are you looking for ways to measure and leverage human capital reporting more innovatively? Talent reporting is currently ongoing big changes from what metrics should be included to how to analyze data to align to business objectives. Measuring human capital investment is not different than financial investment, both illustrate overall value of tangible and intangible assets. If you are interested in learning from knowledgeable experts on how talent reporting is changing for the better and how to leverage new ways to report on talent and foster impactful dialogue with leaders, consider attending the Center for Talent Reporting virtual conference. It is free to join and remote!


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Explorance is a platinum partner supporting the CTR Virtual Conference. We encourage you to join us to increase your knowledge and learn about the most recent changes on talent reporting. In August of 2020, proposed rule changes were put into effect requiring public disclosures of human capital metrics. This new requirement will create an expectation of consistent metrics to be submitted along with financial disclosures that support overall company strength. A consistent set of metrics required of all SEC companies charts a path to measuring the investment in employee satisfaction and engagement. Many in HR and L&D have been waiting for this and are inspired to see how we can demonstrate our value as part of the overall portfolio.

The CTR conference is an opportunity for you to get up to speed on the latest trends in the field as well as future directions. It is a great opportunity to get answers to key questions facing our profession. As an added incentive, you will also be exposed to thought leaders and leading practitioners.

The conference is virtual this year but the same rich programming and interactive opportunities as in previous events will remain. The virtual conference will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. EDT each day, October 27-29. The event will include keynotes, panel discussions, and breakout sessions on the new SEC rule and the ISO recommendations, as well as deep dives into topics focused on measurement and evaluation best practices from industry leading practitioners at Explorance partners; PPD, Abbott Labs and others.

The conference includes 14 break-out sessions with industry though leaders and leading practitioners. Included is a “Think About This” session to challenge participants to consider new approaches and a special panel on the impact of COVID-19. We will end the conference with an awards presentation, honoring those who have made significant strides in measurement and reporting during the past year.

Explorance’s very own Chief Customer Officer, Justin Taylor, will also be part of the larger panel discussing COVID-19: Challenges, Change and Continued Innovation on Day 2. This is a great opportunity to hear more about how others are designing solutions and best practices during this time. Explorance is also part of this new journey, offering new solutions and services that have come to light because of changing operating models and new ways of learning. The Blue suite of feedback gathering and analysis solutions, and Metrics That Matter (MTM) offer everything from methodology and research to dynamic reporting solutions tying results to business outcomes. Explorance will be hosting a solution spotlight to kickoff day 3 sharing the exciting advancements made with MTM 8.0 release, click here for more information.

In these dynamic times we are living and working in, one thing that is constant is change, a lot of change. Innovation and new ways of creating value for our profession will be critical as we move into this new era of human capital investment and reporting. Join us and be part of the change that is happening.


Register for the CTR conference now!

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