Explorance’s Faculty Research Grant Program

Written by Explorance.

At Explorance, we are advocates for evidence-based teaching and learning improvement. We support the research done by faculty members to examine their instruction designs and classroom practices. These faculty members ultimately share their experiences in using student feedback to improve student learning so that other stakeholders in education may reflect on their findings and build upon teaching and learning practices.

That’s why we have created the Explorance Faculty Research Grant. This program awarded a total of US$160,000 in 2020 to faculty to support their research projects using assessment or course evaluation data to enhance instructional design and teaching and learning.

The 2020 recipients of the Explorance Faculty Research Grants represent diverse research from across the world and from different types of Higher Education Institutions.

2020 recipients of Explorance’s Faculty Research Grant

Institution Principal Investigator(PI) Co-PI(s)/ Collaborator(s) Research Topic
Australian Catholic University Bhavani Sridharan Alireza Amrollahi The Effect of Student-centred Flipped Feeding Approach on the Development of Employability Skills: Collaborative Group Work Context
Bellarmine University David G. Wolf   Analyzing the Use of a Long-Term Care Administration Simulation Tool in the Classroom and its Effect on Student Performance
Dalhousie University Leanne Stevens Jennifer Stamp, Brad Wuetherick, Bruno Roy, Swasti Arora Supporting the Analysis and Visualization of Qualitative Student Feedback in Large Enrolment Classes for Faculty
Kennesaw State University Christopher T. Allen   Examining Teaching Behavior Models: Person-centered Models vs. Variable-centered Models
Liverpool John Moores University Anna Law Elena Zaitseva Bringing Student Voice to Evaluation: Using Q Methodology for Creating a Student-led Question Bank
Reykjavík University María Óskarsdóttir Anna Sigríður Íslind, John David Baird Learning Outside the Box: a Data-Driven, Cross-Sectional Learner Behaviour Analysis
Simon Fraser University Rochelle Tucker Kiran Bisra Examining How Student Feedback, Specifically to the Instructor-Selected Questions (ISQ), can Improve Teaching Practice and Student Learning
The Ohio State University Joyce J. Chen Alan Kalish, Vladimir Kogan Reducing Impact of Student Bias on Feedback Surveys: A Pilot Study
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Esther O. Ohito Joseph L. Lewis Evaluating Diversity and Inclusion Pedagogy in Two Inclusive University Classrooms
University of Florida Kate A. Ratliff Bonnie Moradi, David Miller, Amanda Phalin, John Jordi Investigating the Influence of Instructions and Questions on Student Evaluations of Teaching to Make SETs More Useful
University of Louisville Linda Fuselier   A Multicultural, Intersectional Analysis of Student Performance and Evaluation of Teaching
University of Maryland Global Campus Darragh McNally   Examining Faculty-Student Interactions built into First-Year Experience Course Design to Enhance Student Experience
University of Minnesota Joseph Rios   Do Instructor and Course Evaluations in STEM Gateway Courses Predict STEM Retention?
Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University Yao Wu   Reinforcing Learning Outcomes of Second Language Courses in Higher Education with Community Based Pedagogy and Test Item Analyses
Yorkville University Irene Torres-Arends   Understanding the Academic Experience of International Students in Canada as a Cultural Transition Process
Zayed University Sadiq Midraj Jessica Midraj, Asli Hassan Associations Between Grade Six Students’ Evaluation of the Learning Ecology, Self-efficacy and Academic Achievement

Dr. Anna Law, Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Health at Liverpool John Moores University, and a recipient of the 2020 research grant had this to say about the program:

“The faculty grant from Explorance has enabled a productive new research collaboration at Liverpool John Moores University. We have employed a team of four highly motivated student researchers to run focus groups and workshops with other students across the institution, investigating their priorities for evaluating the success of a module. In addition to a research paper, the results will be used to create a new student-led question bank for module leaders seeking feedback on the issues of greatest concern to the student body.”

The faculty grant from Explorance has enabled a productive new research collaboration at Liverpool John Moores University {…} In addition to a research paper, the results will be used to create a new student-led question bank for module leaders seeking feedback on the issues of greatest concern to the student body.

Dr. Anna Law, Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Health, Liverpool John Moores University

Research findings to be shared at Bluenotes GLOBAL 2020

The grant recipients will present their research findings at the Bluenotes GLOBAL 2020 conference in Chicago from August 2-5. In the spirit of connecting, learning, and sharing together, presenters will make accessible practical applications of their educational theories and practices related to teaching and learning. Faculty members and students who aspire to be educators are invited to attend the conference at special discounted rates. This is a great way to learn from the presentations and network with colleagues who are working toward improving teaching and learning using student feedback.

  • Faculty (Professors and Instructors) Conference Registration Rate: $450 USD
  • Student Conference Registration Rate: $50 USD

If you are a faculty member who is teaching with interest in research in teaching and learning improvement using assessment and course evaluation data, the Call-for-proposal for the 2021 Explorance’s Faculty Research Grant will open in September 2020.


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