Easier Access to Key Metrics – A Q&A on MTM 8.1.3 with Product Manager Eric Matson

Written by Lorcan Archer - Content Marketing Specialist at Explorance.

A screenshot of MTM 8.1.3 in action

MTM delivers effective, meaningful insights for learning and development (L&D) effectiveness. To ensure this, Explorance places users’ needs at the center of all MTM product updates.

The latest release – MTM 8.1.3 – focuses on adding new features that facilitate ease-of-use and useful information for clients. These include improved data export options, enhanced widgets, and new dashboard metrics that help reveal key data points.

What’s new in MTM 8.1.3?

In this Q&A, Eric Matson guides us through the new aspects of MTM 8.1.3, the functionality it delivers, and the improvements incorporated into it.

Update details for this release include:

  • Better export and troubleshooting options for the survey assignment tool.
  • Improved reports and dashboard widgets: facilitating the use of fresh data sources.
  • New dashboard metrics
  • Improved insight on unique learner numbers
  • and more

Q: What are the main themes of the MTM 8.1.3 release?

Eric: Following our 8.1.2 release in January, we wanted to focus on improving usability for our admin users, from doing their troubleshooting to having quick access to important metrics.

Q: What was behind the making of MTM 8.1.3? What were the key drivers behind the selection of its themes and features?

Eric: When picking features to include 8.1.3, the main driver was to remove impediments faced by our admin users. For example, the survey assignment tool is a powerful way for clients to create and automate different measurement strategies across their learning portfolio. However, when a survey is not assigned to a class as expected, the process to troubleshoot could be time consuming. Now, users can download their survey assignments to Excel and examine how each is configured – to quickly identify what needs to be modified without needing to contact Explorance support.

Q: From a user standpoint, what’s in it for them?

Eric: In addition to the survey assignments download discussed above, MTM 8.1.3 contains two more features I’d like to point out.

Firstly, we are updating the default average cost of training and average cost per person values for new executive summary reports and benefits to cost ratio widgets. Our default values are based on the latest findings from the Association for Talent Development’s (ATD) yearly report and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, respectively. By ensuring they remain up to date, clients can consistently leverage the most recent and relevant numbers when conducting their analysis.

Also included is a new dashboard metric – count: unique enrollments. Clients with dashboards can now view how many unique learners participated in their learning programs alongside performance data. Users can further slice-and-dice this number using filters and a variety of ‘Report Bys’ to view unique enrolment per learning provider, client, course groups, and more!

This is also a great tool for admins who want to ensure they are staying within their budgeted unique learner count.

Q: Can you provide a couple of highlights around the MTM 8.1.3 working experience?

Eric: MTM 8.1.3 is the result of the work from multiple teams across Explorance. I would especially like to thank the following for making this release possible:

  • UX Design – Arnaud Friedel
  • MTM DevOps – Abdul Rahman, Balaji Kothandapani, Satheesh Ramani, Raphael Gera, Thangadurai Subramai, Saber Tlili, Sophiann Hayet
  • Client Success & Consulting– Bethany Remely, Justin Taylor, Brett Hatten
  • Community Engagement & Learning Center – Erika Cost, Amanda Madurski


About Eric MTM Product Manager Eric Matson

Eric Matson is lead product manager, MTM at Explorance. An experienced agile product owner, he has a passion for technology, transportation, and urbanism, primarily where these intersect to make our lives easier. Based in Chicago, he has been an Explorer for over two years, leading feature development and retirement related to Metrics that Matters (MTM). 

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