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Bluenotes – A Global Community of Blue Users

By Chanel Sutherland

At Explorance, we are strong believers in community and the benefits that they provide. So, when our users decided to create Bluenotes Group, a united family of Blue powered universities from all over the world, we fully supported them. With Blue being leveraged by over 350 institutions in more than 24 countries, the community offers members a convenient way to share knowledge, expertise, challenges, and successes. In addition to having the support of enthusiastic users, the group centers on the following five themes.

1-Come Together To Foster a Community: Connect. Share. Learn. These are the cornerstones on which Bluenotes Group was built. The community’s biggest strength is truly its members. From North America to Asia-Pacific, the EMEA to Latin America, the group’s reach is long and broad. Each Blue user's need and experience is unique and can offer a new perspective.

2-Network with Fellow Blue Users: What started as a seminar in Australia at RMIT in 2012 has transformed into annual Blue user events. The Bluenotes Group hosts three conferences per year, one to unite Blue users from across the world (Bluenotes Global), one to unite Blue users in the Asia-Pacific (Bluenotes APAC), and one to unite users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Bluenotes EMEA).

The events provide workshops, institution-led presentations, Blue expert panel discussions, product roadmap sessions and unveils, and ample networking opportunities. Hosted by Blue-powered institutions, the next conference will be hosted by the University of Louisville from August 7 -10. Bluenotes Global 2018 will center on the theme ‘Full Steam Ahead: Using Data to Lead the Way to Improve, Enhance, and Shape the Future of Higher Education’. The conference will include a special keynote from Mr. David Berman - one of perhaps 100 people globally to hold CPACC certification, the World’s only certification for accessibility professionals.

Register now for Bluenotes Americas 2018 User Conference

3-Learn from the Experiences of Others: Who better to ask questions to than other members who are using Blue? As the go-to resource for users around the world, the Bluenotes community forum is a place for open discussions about all things Blue. Want to know what other users think about the latest updates? Looking for a place to discuss the results from a recent course evaluation project? Visit the forum and start a conversation. Ask questions, find solutions, share ideas, and keep current.

4-Discuss Industry Trends with Experts: Evaluation and assessments are often arduous yet critical pieces of any institution. The Bluenotes group encourages conversations around best practices and overall improvement. The community not only discusses product and features, but ideas that will improve education holistically. Topics discussed at conferences, in online forums, and at webinars include caliper utilization, SIS demographic comparative analysis, LMS selection, data purposing, and more.

5-Share Knowledge, Tips and Best Practices: Members of the Bluenotes community benefit from many product knowledge opportunities. These include:

  • Free Live Webinars: Created and presented solely by experts from Blue powered institutions, these sessions will give you an opportunity to learn best practices from real Blue users. Members also have access to all archived webinars.
  • Learning Webinar: Presented monthly, these sessions cover one Blue feature or topic in an interactive session where attendees can ask questions.
  • Blue Administrator Certification Training Program: This is the first level of certification for all users who will be administrating any feedback process with Blue. The participants will be introduced to the main concepts of Blue, and trained on the main features and functionalities that they will need to administer their feedback processes.
  • Blue expert Certification Camp: Designed to train participants with the knowledge and skills to become certified Blue administrators. Through a series of in-depth instructor-led presentations, interactive workshops and reproducible exercises, attendees will be able to plan, execute and maintain various types of evaluations, surveys, and assessments using the Blue Learning Experience Management (LEM) platform.

Chanel M. Sutherland
Content Marketing Specialist

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