BlueML 1.6 – A Minor Update with New Features and Quality of Life Enhancements

Written by Ian Ehninger, Explorance.

BlueML 1.6

Montreal, Quebec – October 24, 2022 – Explorance, the leading provider of People Insights Solutions, announce today a new product update to its Purpose-Built Comment Analysis Solution, BlueML.

BlueML is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that uses machine learning (ML) to perform in-depth analysis of open text comments in seconds. Trained by over 500,000 real-life comments and scenarios, BlueML continues to learn and improve over time, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your students and employees.

Today sees the release of BlueML 1.6, a minor update that delivers new quality of life features to optimize the user experience and various UI changes for better ease-of-use and quicker navigation.

New to BlueML 1.6, the Variable Mapping feature allows users to define the definitions of their own technical terms and abbreviations that are common to the users’ workplace or institution. With added context, the model will better understand what the comment is saying and will be able to provide a more accurate analysis.

Additionally, an Export History feature has been added to the platform, where users will now be able to access and manage all past exports for additional analysis and recall.

In addition to these new features, BlueML 1.6 also received a fresh batch of UI enhancements to various features of the platform, to further ensure faster navigation and easier access to the valuable insights found in your open-ended comments.

What’s New?

Chanh Do, Head of Innovation Lab at Explorance commented on this release:

An image of Explorance's head of Innovation Labs, Chanh Do“In the new update, we have focused more on enhancing the user experience while the user performs the analysis and creates a custom model. BlueML is now more powerful, and a larger analysis can be completed in a matter of a second. Even the way user-built custom models have been revolutionized to make sure users could build custom models efficiently as in the new update the users can drag and drop the custom topics created. Users are also able to manage the Analysis result when the results are exported. SSO access can also be requested by BlueML clients for their users for ease of logging in BlueML.”

Updates in Detail

  • Variable Mapping – Users can now define definitions/explanations of the technical terms and abbreviations that appear in the comments file. By creating these definitions, the model will better understand the meaning of specific terms and ultimately provide a more contextualized analysis.
  • Export History – Export History allows users to manage all the export files from the analysis. With the ability to search, sort, delete, and more, Users can now view all exported files, and re-export the files multiple times if needed.
  • Usability Enhancements to Custom Models – When creating a custom model, users can now use a template of one BlueML’s base models, to cut down on time spent creating each topic. Additionally, customizing the structure of the custom model is now easier, as users will be able to simply drag and drop each topic branch into position.
  • Optimize the Topic Explorer and Comment Explorer – The Topic Explorer now supports input files with 250,000 comments, more than double what it was able to support before. In addition, both the Topic and Comment Explorers have been optimized to reduce latency issues, allowing you to access your insights quicker.
  • SSO Access – Newly added to BlueML, users can now access the platform by using an SSO functionality after simply providing their name and email address to their respective Explorance Account Manager, who will then have our Development team enable the SSO feature for their account.

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