BlueML 1.5 – A Major Update Featuring Alerts, New Recommendations, Improved Polarity

Written by Explorance.

Montreal, Quebec – 17 May 2022 – Spring is a time for renewal, and BlueML, Explorance’s unique Comment Analysis solution, has just received a major refresh and update on 16 May.  

The additions and changes present in BlueML 1.5 will “shorten the story” for users in navigating the BlueML Dashboard, helping users to more quickly and readily utilize the information locked away in comments. 

Accessing and making use of data contained in comments is markedly more intuitive with this release. With BlueML 1.5, users will be able to rapidly focus on a specific sentiment, view it in relation to a specific topic or question, and more accurately filter the information to a defined department, geographic area, and so on.

Explorance’s goal is accelerate the insight to action cycle. Overall, the enhancement to ‘Recommendations’ and the ‘Positive/Negative’ Polarity model in this release will make it even easier for institutions to take their first positive actions based on comment analysis.

Additionally, this release sees the inclusion of a new Alerts functionality that allows users to filter comments for any feedback that might be deemed abusive, aggressive, or racist, for example. This is an example of the comment analysis power of BlueML being used to highly practical effect, essentially waving a flag over anything that might be problematic in nature.


What’s New?

Samer Saab, CEO: “The new capabilities included in this update ensure that BlueML Dashboard’s powerful capabilities are more apparent to users. These changes will empower BlueML’s future visual and UI evolution, laying the foundation to let us offer more to users. Crucially, this update also contains an Alerts capability, offering an ideal solution for organizations taking a stand against toxic or harmful comments contained in feedback. That is a big part of what makes this update so exciting.”



Updates in Detail


BlueML is powered by the latest model updates, including:

  • Polarity Model – Addition of the “Mixed” sentiment type to identify feedback that is both positive and negative.
  • Alerts model (Beta) – Identifies and pre-filters feedback comments that may be racist, sexist, disrespectful, threatening, etc.
  • Enhancement and expansion of the student and employee experience categorization models to offer deeper insights to HR and academic leaders.
  • Recommendations Model – Support for action recommendation attributes, such as do more, do less, start, stop, continue, and change, plus easily zoom in on specific types of recommendations.


  • Easy navigation between analysis and comments – Forgot how you arrived at a section of the dashboard? A left menu is added to easily switch between the summary insights widget view, the detailed topics explorer and the actual comments. Each section is now just one click away.
  • Exportable non-categorized comments – Comments are now organized based on what was categorized, analyzed but not categorized and recommendations, and each of these three subsets can be exported separately.
  • Improved topics explorer and applied filters – The topics explorer now displays an insights counter alongside each topic to indicate how many times an insight was categorized for each.
    Applied filters now show the type of filter and the count of items for each making it easier to manage multiple filters; plus, a quick action makes it easy to update the applied filter.

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