Blue Dashboard 3.2.0 – New Accessibility Standard and Ease-of-Use for Admins and Stakeholders

Written by Lorcan Archer, Explorance.

Montreal, Quebec May 5 2022 This week has proved to be an exciting one at Explorance, as we rolled out both Blue 8.0.5 and Blue Dashboard 3.2.0 product updates on May 3. You can learn about the Blue 8.0.5 release in detail here

Blue Dashboard is a powerful insight discovery tool, designed to be used alongside the Blue People Insights platform.

It facilitates greatly increased access to both response data and analytics, with a capacity to deliver meaningful data insight that makes it highly useful to stakeholders in both a Higher Education or Corporate setting.

The changes present in Blue Dashboard 3.2.0 fall under the banner of improved ease-of-use, with a major new standard in accessibility chief among them. This is backed up with easier ways to present and share data for non-technical audiences.

However, the release also represents a broadening of the use-cases of Blue Dashboard, with the provision of multiple dashboards ensuring that uses of the platform are diversified and extended throughout an organization, adding more and more value.

Ultimately, all role holders from end-users, to admins, to senior decision-makers are served by improvements in this update, with time-efficiency and security being delivered at each level.

What’s New – In Detail

Long Hua, VP Product Manager, Blue Analytics at Explorance commented on the release: “This version of Blue Dashboard delivers on Explorance’s product commitment, with WCAG 2.1AA certification ensuring equal accessibility for all. The improvements present in this release serve the end-users, but also provides additional value to the institutional decision-makers who have purchased Blue Dashboard, with broader ways to share the data with different types of audiences.”

  • WCAG 2.1 AA Accessibility Compliance – In our quest to ensure an outstanding user experience for everyone, the Blue Dashboard meets or exceeds WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility compliance standards.
  • Printer-Friendly and Expanded Chart Viewing – This adds a printer-friendly version of the visualizations that clearly identify which filters are in use, making it easy to create well-formatted pages to generate PDFs or to send directly to the printer.
  • Addition of Response Submission as Anchor Date – This adds the ability for the Blue administrator to define the response submission date as the anchor for time periods. This option is added to the four (4) existing options now making it possible to choose among project start or end dates, subject evaluation start or end dates, or response submission date as time scale anchors for each survey campaign.
  • Support for Multiple Dashboards – This update allows the Blue administrator to configure dashboards with different settings, including different viewing audiences and thresholds, all accessible within the same login environment. The Blue Dashboard automatically displays the right dashboard(s) to your users based on the viewing privileges you define. Ideal for displaying employee specific information to one cohort (e.g., 360 feedback results) and instructor centric (e.g., course evaluation results) results to another.
  • Display Response Count in Blue DashboardThis further helps end users interpret their data, an additional statistic value, Response count, has been added into the Blue Dashboard. This is in addition to the existing statistics value of mean, standard deviation, median, interpolated median, % favorable, min, and max.
  • Temporary Override Function for Preview and Published Site – To reduce administrative overhead managing the Blue Dashboard, the dashboard name, labels, and option to download response data can be set to temporarily change the Blue Dashboard without having to regenerate the data.

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