Blue 8.0.6 & Blue Dashboard 8.3.3 – A Combined Update Providing a More Unified User Experience

Written by Ian Ehninger, Explorance.

Blue 8.0.6 & Blue Dashboard 8.3.3

Montreal, Quebec – August 16, 2022 – Blue is Explorance’s renowned People Insight platform and helps organizations to comprehensively manage feedback, realize crucial insights, and make better data-driven decisions, ultimately accelerating the insight to action process. From course evaluations in Higher Education to facilitating 360 degree feedback in Corporate settings, Blue is an all-in-one solution.

Released today, Blue 8.0.6 and Blue Dashboard 3.3.0 receive minor enhancements that support improved usability, readability, and ease of use.

What’s New with Blue?

Blue 8.0.6 brings forth a host of minor updates to major functions of Blue, including visual and usability enhancements to Question Personalization (QP), Subject Management, and Blue’s homepage. With an aim to improve user experience and overall clarity, Blue 8.0.6 enables users to access insights efficiently and with less screen clutter.

Youssef Tadros, Blue Product Manager at Explorance commented on the release:

Youssef Tadros, Blue Product Manager at Explorance“In 8.0.6, we focused on improving and unifying the user experience of different areas of Blue. For example, we refined the user experience for the question personalization task to make it easier for the task owner to identify areas they can take action on. We also improved the subject management view to give the user additional options and to make it easier to find subjects with enhanced filters. In addition, we improved the task list page view to be more user-friendly, and we added additional privacy control on the Rater Selection Task.”

  • Updates to QP – To enhance the user experience, Blue 8.0.6 will have improved Arabic language support, resulting in better consistency between QP and Blue tasks. To help reduce clutter, the update will also reduce the sizes of the header and sticky header, and provide an option to expand/collapse all sections in the QP tasks, helping users complete their tasks more efficiently.
  • Subject Management enhancements – With several new enhancements to the Subject Management view, Blue 8.0.6 delivers new options for task owners that improve overall efficiency and could elicit a higher response rate. Task owners will now be able to review the audience list before an evaluation starts and better filter subject statuses using multi-select, allowing for easier navigation and a clearer view. Additionally, task owners now have the option to resend invitation emails to remind those who have yet to complete the evaluation, potentially increasing response rates.
  • Improvements to homepage and Rater Selection – Blue’s homepage also receives minor updates, as completed tasks that are modifiable are now clearly identified, and task names are now configured in the task’s settings to unify the task name across the entire system. Additionally, admins now have the option to remove invite counts from the Rater Selection window to comply with different privacy policies if need be.

What’s New with Blue Dashboard?

Blue Dashboard 3.3.0 presents various usability enhancements, with added support to better understand response rates, question relevance, and time-sensitive data – ultimately improving user experience. Additionally, Blue Dashboard 3.3.0 includes minor visual updates to help users better understand their data and display it in a more clear and concise manner.

VP Product Manager, Blue Analytics, Long Hua commented on this release:

Long Hua, VP Product Manager, Blue Analytics at Explorance commented on the release:

“Blue Dashboard 3.3 is a significant milestone for us as it wraps up our roadmap items for the version 3 releases. We are now looking forward to building the exciting features of the version 4 releases. If we call version 3 the baseline of Explorance analytics solutions, i.e., self-service dashboard, sharing data at scale, equal accessibility for everyone etc.; the version 4 releases will provide amazing analytic capabilities in terms of data presentation and insight discovery.”

  • Response rate analysis over time – The Blue Dashboard adds support for cumulative response rate results. Users can now check response rate progress over time, drill down, and slice-and-dice to better understand trends, patterns, and which topics or subjects enjoy the greatest participation. 
  • Automatic calendar periods based on month, quarter, and year – A new option saves the Blue Dashboard time by automatically organizing results to be displayed monthly, quarterly, or yearly. These standard time periods can be coupled with time periods manually defined to support both standard and custom schedules, such as academic terms/periods, allowing the Blue Dashboard user to conveniently toggle between any of these time periods.
  • Enhancements to dashboard configuration – This update adds more flexibility for the Blue administrator to define the survey invitation date as the anchor for time periods. This has been added to the five (5) existing options now making it possible to choose among project start or end dates, subject evaluation start or end dates, response submission date, or invitation date as time scale anchors for each survey campaign.

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