5 Ways that a 360 Degree Feedback System Helps Streamline the Evaluation Process

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In a prior post, we examined how to establish an effective 360 degree process within your organization, from establishing the purpose to choosing the right system. Leveraging an online 360 degree feedback software system can benefit your organization in a number of ways. Strategically it allows you to manage your company’s goals for organizational growth and employee development.

From an operational standpoint, it helps streamline the evaluation process saving you time, money, and resources. Today’s post will outline how using an online feedback system like Blue can automate the 360 process to increase your operational efficiency.

  1. Organizational hierarchy:

    One of the key benefits of using an online 360 feedback system like Blue is that it can leverage your current data. You can import your organizational hierarchy, relationships, and direct reports into the system. The integration layer enables the feedback system to stay in-synch with your information systems resulting in automatic data updates. If there is a change to a relationship or direct report in your system it will automatically be updated in the Blue 360 degree feedback software.

  2. Competency rules:

    Using an online 360 feedback system allows you to set-up competencies and create rules to govern them. Depending on your organization and process, you may want to evaluate different competencies based on the subject’s position, the rater’s position, or based on the relationship between the subject and rater. The system will automatically generate the correct list of competencies and questions based on the rules you create.

  3. Email invitations:

    An online feedback system can send automatic email notifications to subjects to announce that the 360 process has begun. The email can be customized and scheduled in the system and include a direct link for participants to perform a self-assessment and to select raters. Feedback raters also receive automatic email invitations asking them to participate in the process and complete the online evaluation.

  4. Reminder notifications:

    With an online 360 system you can send automatic reminders to keep your project on track. The system monitors which raters have finished the assessment, so reminders are only sent to those who have not completed it. This makes it much easier to manage the process and adhere to set project deadlines and schedules.

  5. Quick reports:

    One of the most important features of an online 360 degree feedback system like Blue is the reporting engine. You can create customized reports with just a few clicks to display the data the way you want it. Using an online feedback system allows you to view results in real-time and automatically analyze and cross-tabulate the data. As with competencies, you can create system rules to automatically distribute reports to those involved in the evaluation process. Results can be quickly distributed so that the organization can identify areas for employee development in a timely manner.

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