5 Reasons Why You Should Conduct Employee Surveys

Written by Explorance.

As with customers, there are several beneficial reasons to survey your employees. Many companies conduct employee surveys as a way to improve their business. This makes perfect sense as there is a direct correlation between business success and employee satisfaction.

Engaged and loyal employees are often more committed to the company and perform at a higher level. The result is increased satisfaction and profitability for the company. Today, we will outline five reasons why you should conduct employee surveys within your organization.

  1. Improve your business:

    Surveying your employees is a great way to identify opportunities and any obstacles to effective management. Gaining valuable insight from your employees will allow you to address concerns and also gauge employee sentiment. This also gives you the opportunity to view the company and its operations from another perspective. Further, surveying your employees enables you to prioritize future actions and revise your strategic plan if needed.

  2. Increase employee satisfaction:

    You can survey to gather information on issues and also discover what motivates your employees. Gathering this kind of feedback will enable you to identify concerns, implement changes and ultimately increase employee satisfaction. Improving the experience for your employees will increase their engagement and lead to a boost in productivity. The old adage ‘a happy worker is a productive worker’ definitely has truth to it as satisfied employees are in turn more loyal and committed.

  3. Positive working environment:

    Conducting employee surveys in your organization can also create a positive working environment. When you seek feedback from employees they feel their opinions count and are valued. Knowing that top management is listening, and acting on their concerns, makes employees feel they have more of a stake in the company. Establishing open feedback also creates a positive culture of trust, fairness and accountability.

  4. Benchmarking purposes:

    Employee surveys also provide great benchmarks. You can gather employee feedback on the company, work environment and on new products and services. Your first employee surveys will serve as points of reference, enabling you to track changes over time. Employee feedback can also give you an idea of what other key stakeholders may think. For instance, employees can give you valuable insight into what your customers may feel about new products.

  5. Employee retention:

    Attracting and retaining quality employees is critical for a successful business. Employee dissatisfaction can lead to high turnover and high costs for your company. Surveying employees, and acting on the feedback given, will enable you to specifically address areas of dissatisfaction. Tracking employee satisfaction over time will also allow you to avoid future employee losses. A winning combination of increased employee satisfaction plus a positive working environment will result in the retention of your best employees.

Do you survey your employees? Why and how often? How do you use the feedback? Share with us!

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