4 Key Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback for Teams

Written by Explorance.

In our last 360 post, we examined the benefits of 360 degree feedback for employees. However, it’s not just individuals that benefit from 360 feedback; it is also advantageous for teams. As with individual 360 reviews, team evaluations can uncover strengths and areas for improvement. In today’s post we will review the myriad of benefits that 360 degree feedback provides for teams from improving communication to promoting development.

  1. Improves communication:

    One of the main benefits of 360 degree feedback for teams is that it creates an open line of communication. This is an effective way to ensure that all employees are given a voice and the opportunity to share feedback. Open communication can help raise awareness of any differences, issues or concerns that are affecting the team dynamic. The increased communication between team members often leads to improved team work, engagement, and employee satisfaction.

  2. Increases effectiveness:

    360 team evaluations are beneficial because they help build productivity and effectiveness within a team. Through the 360 process, strengths, weaknesses and blindspots are discovered providing the insight necessary for continuous team improvement. 360 team evaluations are valuable as they allow each employee to gain an understanding of how they are contributing to the team. To increase efficiency, the competencies that are evaluated in the 360 review should reflect the team’s set goals and values.

  3. Builds synergy:

    Providing feedback helps increase understanding and builds collaboration within the team. Discovering the strengths and areas for improvement will allow the team to function more cohesively as roles and behaviors are defined. Through 360 feedback, the team is given the opportunity to reflect on how they work together and function as a whole. 360 evaluations build team synergy as they help align the group’s mission, goals, processes and vision. The engagement of members also increases as they gain understanding of their contribution and value to the group.

  4. Promotes development:

    As with individual 360 evaluations, team reviews are key for training and development. The 360 may uncover strengths that are under-utilized, which can be leveraged by the group in the future.  Areas for improvement that are discovered can be addressed and improved through individual and team training sessions. The 360 review is a great opportunity for the team to identify which skills and behaviors are adding to the success of the group or detracting from it. Through development, the team can improve upon the particular skills that are key to the group’s success. As with the other points above, development and training further increase the productivity and effectiveness of the group over time.

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