The Only AI Platform To Capture The Authentic Voice Of Your People

MLY [mi-lee] is an AI platform that distills data-driven actionable feedback from massive amounts of unstructured communication – with machine learning (ML) models purpose-built for Higher Education, Human Resources, and Learning & Development.

Deeper Understanding of Your People Needs and Expectations

MLY is the only AI platform purpose-built to address the student and employee journeys. With three different models, MLY categorizes comments, reviews, and social posts into Student Experience, Employee Experience, and corporate Learning relatable terms.

SEI Student

  • Quality/delivery
  • Engagement
  • Readings
  • Labs
  • Tutorials/workshops
  • Difficulty

EEI Employee

  • Workload
  • Work-life balance
  • Job security
  • Work at home
  • Discrimination
  • Diversity

ELI Employee

  • Instructor
  • Class-participation
  • Learning activities
  • Training material
  • Expectations/objectives
  • Software

“ Award-Winning ML Analytics Solution
Helps Human Resource and Academic Leaders
Build a More Robust and Agile Workforce ”

Listen to what people have to say. Act on data.

MLY helps leaders drive impact by distilling feedback from students and employees written communication, translating at scale what people have on their heart and mind - into timely and actionable data-driven insights.

Topic-specific Sentiment Analysis

Get an accurate representation of a population's feeling (positive, negative, neutral), and the ability to dig into specific topics and themes.

Bottom-up Recommendations

Go beyond sentiment analysis with crowdsourced recommendations on what to start, continue, or stop doing.

Alert Models

Raises any sensitive topics that impact student or employee experience and require immediate attention.

MLY Source-Agnostic AI Platform

Understand the bigger picture, beyond survey feedback

MLY empowers organizations to listen inside and out by gathering insights not only from internal survey comments, but also from external channels, such as reviews or social posts.

This way, MLY provides the capability to distill actionable feedback directly from the authentic voice of your people, without the filters and constraints of survey questionaires.

MLY can analyze:

  • Open-ended comments in surveys
  • Reviews on external websites
  • Posts on social media

MLY distills actionable insights from comments

Go beyond insights

MLY drives continuous improvement and stakeholder engagement by distilling any recommendation expressed on what to start, continue, or stop doing

Also, MLY provides alerts on any sensitive matters that may require your immediate attention.

MLY highlights

Download the MLY brochure - Voice of the Employee

Download the MLY brochure - Student Voice

Omnichannel Listening

MLY is data source-agnostic – distilling actionable feedback wherever it come from, including internal evaluations, external review sites, or social media.

No one-size-fits-all ML

MLY provides machine learning models that were specifically built for Higher Education, Human Resources, and Learning & Development

Human Connection at Scale

Save time with MLY and transform thousands of comments, reviews, and social posts into actionable feedback in minutes.

Ahead of Your Needs

MLY is a Machine Learning solution modeled after domain-specific comments and has the ability to evolve and adapt to changing themes.

Ready for the Future

Add topic-specific sentiment analysis and insights to strategic planning by leveraging the API and automating the analysis within an evaluation process.

Insights for all

Dive into feedback analytics and identify trends with intuitive dashboards, accessible to all audiences, directly from MLY self-service analytics portal.

“ Act on Insight, Not on Instinct. ”

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Distill actionable feedback from the authentic voice of your people

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