Introducing BlueX – The New Survey Tool that Does so Much More!

Written by Explorance.

At Explorance, we are always striving to help our customers gather the feedback they need when they need it. We’re committed to staying one step ahead by delivering innovative products that make it easy to capture and consume feedback for analysis and decision-making. BlueX represents our next leap forward toward this end. A powerful survey creation software, BlueX provides an easy yet robust way to collect feedback outside of the structured and formal survey processes. BlueX is designed for use by anyone in your organization.

We are grateful to our generous community of beta users who shared feedback to shape the product evolution to this point. We are thrilled to formally introduce BlueX and share five reasons why we believe it will become essential to your organization’s feedback strategy.

Reason #1: A simple, familiar interface means no learning curve

BlueX was designed to look and feel like you’re creating a document in your favorite word processing software. In fact, you can create your survey form in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and copy and paste the text directly into BlueX. Apply the formatting you like, highlight text, and transform it into questions and answers in a few clicks. Drag and drop graphics directly onto the page or as question and answer options, with no HTML coding or uploading into a separate graphic library. It’s that simple.

Reason #2: Flexible layouts mean you can create much more than surveys

Because creating with BlueX is as simple as editing a document, you’re not constrained to a traditional “survey” format. What more can you create with BlueX?

  • Newsletter: Insert columns to create a newsletter that asks the reader’s opinion on each article
  • Assignments: Create a reading assignment with embedded knowledge check, or written response questions
  • Forms: Replace hard to format fill-in forms, and get analytics as the data rolls in.
  • And much more

Select from a variety of pre-set templates and color schemes or upload your own background to create a truly unique and engaging survey experience for the respondent.

example of a BlueX survey

Reason #3: Put control into individuals’ hands, but also get central visibility if you want it

When a student or employee needs to gather some feedback at your organization, what tool do they use? Most organizations are largely unaware of where all this data may be, and scattered data may pose a risk to security and privacy. With BlueX, you can give access to anyone who needs to create a survey, so they don’t have to turn to outside or less secure tools. Everyone gets the flexibility to create forms as they see fit, while you get the peace of mind that all ad hoc feedback data is stored in one, secure place.

Advanced privacy controls ensure that individuals only see what they’re supposed to, including the ability to block a survey creator from seeing the data that’s collected from a specific form.

Administrators may have advanced visibility to monitor usage organization-wide. Central review and approval controls may also be activated, if desired, which can be useful if you want to limit the number and type of surveys going out at the same time as a large organizational initiative, like the annual engagement survey

Reason #4: Multiple distribution options for user flexibility

BlueX will integrate with systems of record and supports Single Sign-On (SSO) to capture demographic information and connect it to results. If you’d rather not integrate, each user can upload recipients, including relevant demographics to support deeper analysis, and manage their own distribution lists. If sending through email isn’t necessary, you can embed or otherwise distribute a generic link that’s open to anyone.

And if you find that you need to edit your form after distribution, you don’t need to worry. BlueX will keep track of the data collected per each version, and you can report on the data in aggregate or for a specific version.

Reason #5: It’s easy to get started!

BlueX’s simple design allows you to transfer your existing surveys easily. Just copy/paste, then click and format. BlueX is available for site-wide use or individual license with various plans that cater to your needs.

Download the BlueX brochure to learn how you can start creating as you see fit.

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