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Flexible fully automated
360 degree feedback reviews

Power competency development for students, staff, and instructors with the Blue 360 degree feedback software.
Learn how Blue can automate your 360 degree feedback reviews.


Blue 360 degree feedback software

Implement a 360 degree feedback process with the ability to adapt to your evaluation model,
competency framework, and workflows.

  • Automation
    Through a best-in-class integration with your institution's information systems (SIS, LMS, HRIS, etc).

  • Flexibility
    Built natively to support all 360 degree feedback cases, including those for students, staff, and instructors.

  • Analytics
    Provides powerful reports and insights to fuel competency development across all facets of your institution.

  • Efficiency
    To centralize your 360 degree feedback process, including monitoring evolution, resetting submissions, changing rater assignments, etc.

Feature highlights

Blue 360 degree feedback reviews

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Configurable user interface

Build 360 degree feedback reviews around your institution’s existing data, processes, and competency model.

Smart invites

Ensure high participation by sending centralized and personalized invitations and reminders to delinquent responders.

Multilingual support

Customize content in any language through the rater selection, rating, and reporting processes.

Flexible rater assignment

Provide centralized, automated, and/or delegated rater selection and include any number or type of rater groups.

Equivalent experience

Meet the latest accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1 (AA) and Section 508, and provide a seamless experience to all.

Aggregate reporting

Aggregate your 360 feedback reviews results by any criteria that matter (departmental, organizational, etc.) to see the big picture.

Automated evaluations

Support all your institution’s 360 feedback reviews and reporting with ad hoc selections and on-going triggers (event or demographic based).

Portal integration

Provide a seamless experience by embedding Blue 360 degree feedback evaluation tasks and reports into your LMS or Portal for convenient access.

Johari Window

Use the Johari Window model in your reports and help your stakeholders discover behaviors that might be open, blind, hidden, or unknown.

Secure access

Leverage your existing security infrastructure for seamless access to Blue (LDAP, SSO, etc.).


Want to get the most out of
your 360 degree feedback?

If implementing a 360 degree feedback process feels like a daunting task, Explorance is here for you. We have the knowledge and
support from our experts in the field who can put you on the right path to transform your collected data into actionable insights.

We can offer question items, framework and consultancy for you to create the optimal 360 degree feedback process.
More than just a technology, we can adapt solutions to your unique needs giving you the right plan.

  • Advanced reporting

  • Question library

  • Measurement strategies

  • Key metrics


What users are saying

UofL currently uses Blue to administer campus-wide surveys and course evaluations. The all-in-one assessment solution will provide UofL the necessary tool to further leverage our investment in Blue so we can strengthen our culture of continuous improvement. We are planning a strategic implementation of Blue 360 to complement current feedback processes.

Becky Patterson
Executive Director Office of Institutional Research and Planning

Witz education logo

Our experience with Blue 360 and Explorance has been phenomenal with respect to product flexibility and excellence… Using Blue 360 has allowed us to concentrate on our business and leave the assessment process in the expert hands of professionals such as the team at Explorance.

Olga Bodnar
VP Business Relationships

AUB has been successfully using the Blue System for the past three years. System was found to be user friendly, adaptable, and efficient by all stakeholders. AUB has leveraged Blue system in the following areas: instructors showing interest in the QP (Questions Personalization) by allowing for 3 additional QPS per survey, automating generation of the email reminders to students, mobile friendly interface, on-the-spot Survey analytical reporting, and 360 Evaluation for Med School. Technical Support was amazing, rapid, and efficient despite the time difference.

Dr. Karma El Hassan
Director, Office of Institutional Research & Assessment, American University of Beirut

Babson College logo

We have been using Blue 360 here at our college since 2006. It is a staple to our graduate programs and is used in many of our undergraduate programs. The product is a top notch true 360 survey tool which respects the confidentiality and anonymity of the process. Explorance is one of the easiest vendors I have ever had the pleasure of working with…

Tova Duby
Senior Manager, IT Operations

Automate and centralize your institution’s 360 degree review process.

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