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Measure the Employee Experience at Every Touchpoint

Get more complete experience data and take the right actions to drive engagement with the Blue Employee Experience Management (EXM) platform.

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Gain Deeper Insights to
Improve Employee

Unified feedback: Simplify all feedback initiatives with a centralized experience management software to better connect with your people.

Continuous listening: Go beyond annual employee surveys and engage with your people in real-time and when it matters most.

Decision support: Give your HR teams and leaders the best data to drive better decisions and employee engagement action plans.

Blue EXM from Explorance
Delivers a Better Employee Experience

Boost Engagement

With Blue EXM, you can fully automate your feedback collection initiatives and instantly analyze response rates to maximize employee participation.

Always-On Channel

Keep employees engaged and connected with a confidential, open feedback channel and follow up directly as needed to close the feedback loop.

Analyze Comments

Tap into employee comments through specialized machine learning models, and uncover key themes and sentiments from unstructured, text-based data.

Be Proactive

Quickly adapt to your employees’ needs and identify risks to productivity, engagement, and retention before they become larger issues.

Connect Feedback

Gain new perspectives by connecting feedback across multiple experience touchpoints with metadata, including environmental, demographic, and behavioral data.

Automate Reports

Distribute custom reports to HR departments, managers or any leaders within your organization and accelerate your action planning process.

Stepwise Surveys

Connect all stepwise feedback from hire to retire: candidate experience, 360 reviews, engagement surveys, talent reviews, customer experience, exit surveys, and more.

Trend Reporting

Track results and progress in real-time to understand what is working and take action to correct issues. Monitor changes in sentiment with ongoing trend reporting.

Expert Guidance

Jump-start your ability to transform experience data into insights with pre-built methodology packages designed to solve talent challenges your organization faces every day.

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Case Study

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To keep the 360 review process as fast and efficient as possible at a reasonable cost, and win over internal audiences as a result.



Using Blue has saved me at least two weeks of administrative work for the annual review. It used to take me 10 days, and that was just for a 180 review.

Helene Thomas,
Global Head of Human Resources at CVC

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