Stepwise Feedback

A Comprehensive Feedback
Gathering Strategy for Employees

Achieve a unified approach to measurement and make better decisions
about your people with an integrated, scalable employee insight
platform that reaches across the employee lifecycle.


Simplify feedback collection

The Blue employee insight platform gives organizations the ability to centralize all stepwise feedback initiatives to better connect with your people. Eliminate redundancy, reduce workload, enhance the end-user experience, and help tell your full employee experience story.

Purpose-built to provide a best-in-class stepwise survey platform, Blue supports:

  • 360 degree feedback

  • Learning evaluations

  • DEI&B surveys

  • Candidate experience

  • Onboarding surveys

  • Engagement surveys

  • Exit/stay surveys

  • Ad hoc surveys

The power of 1

Is one system enough?

You might be thinking, "Will I be able to handle everything with just one tool?" The simple answer is yes. Like any great platform, Blue is the solid foundation upon which you can build out whatever you need. It powers the employee experience and covers a multitude of feedback processes, including 360 degree feedback reviews, surveys, complex evaluations, and more.

Everything you need is organized in one place, meaning one stream of data, one budget, and a unified employee feedback experience across departments. Blue is the marquee solution for gathering timely, actionable feedback on any hire-to-retire process.

Out-of-the-box integration means Blue can connect to any ERP, CRM, LMS, Portal, or other IT systems. Add on powerful automation, real-time analysis and dynamic, distributed reporting, and you just have to decide on one thing; where do you want to go?

Specialized Features

Do more than just surveys

This is not your one size fits all approach. This isn’t a survey platform that can “technically” perform other functions with complicated workarounds.
Blue was purpose-built from the ground up to be a platform for all your feedback needs. It can support your most important feedback initiatives, such as learning evaluations,
360 degree feedback reviews, and employee engagement measurement, to name a few examples.

Need a platform built for your learning evaluations? That’s Blue.

Blue was developed to manage every aspect of learning evaluation. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a survey software that seamlessly supports:

  • Pre- and post-class surveys

  • On the job follow-up surveys from learners and their managers

  • Blended and multi-session event evaluations

  • Voice of instructor surveys

  • Flexible report design & distribution

How about for 360 degree feedback reviews?

Can just any survey software deliver an unlimited number of custom rater groups and automatically assign raters based on your existing organization hierarchy? Popular Blue 360 degree feedback reporting features include:

  • Perception gap analysis

  • Breakdown by rater group

  • Aggregate and comparative reporting

  • Real-time response monitoring

  • Johari window

Want a fresh look at employee engagement?

Engagement surveys can be a cumbersome process. With Blue, you can fully automate feedback collection and instantly analyze response rates to maximize employee participation. Automatically distribute custom reports to any level within the organization to accelerate your action planning process, then follow up with targeted pulse surveys to monitor progress. Blue can help you extend your engagement measurement beyond the annual survey to an ongoing stream of strategic information.

  • Calendar or milestone-based distribution

  • Real-time response rate monitoring

  • Machine learning for effortless qualitative feedback analysis

  • Configurable privacy controls to protect employee confidentiality

Feature highlights

Blue Employee Insight Platform

Powerful reporting

Perform time trend analysis to compare improvement results evolution or aggregate your results by any criteria that matter (departmental, organizational, etc.).

Machine learning

Tap into your qualitative feedback data and instantly learn what employees are talking about most, categorized by theme and sentiment.


Provide forms and reports in a variety of languages as well as cultural adaptations to match audience requirements.

Automated insights

Design and distribute reports based on role or organizational hierarchy so stakeholders have timely, useful data to support decision-making.


Build evaluations around current or event-based data, including open evaluations, open surveys, fixed surveys, and surveys with event triggers.

GDPR compliance

Abide by the strictest interpretations of GDPR while still taking advantage of Blue’s full integration and analytics capabilities.

Smart notifications

Send centralized and personalized invitations, reminders, emails, and SMS notifications to participants anytime, anywhere.

IT integration

Leverage existing source data and hierarchy, including HRIS, CRM, LMS, portals, and other IT systems of record.


Meet the latest accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1 (AA) and Section 508, and provide a seamless experience to all.


Blue APIs allow data to be pushed and pulled to the most popular systems.


Expert guidance you can trust

Quality data informs sound decisions. Blue provides a strong base to accommodate your existing employee insight process, but what if you’re not sure
where to start or which questions to ask? You can navigate which approach you want to take. We can jump-start your ability to transform data
into insights with our pre-built methodology packages or work closely with you to develop measurement plans and processes to meet your unique needs.

Explorance experts can recommend solutions to make sure everything is in place so you can deliver better business outcomes, faster. We offer:

  • Instrument design

  • Best-practice templates

  • Validated measurement methodology

  • Role-based reporting standards

  • Question libraries

  • Purpose-built analysis and visualization tools

  • Employee journey mapping

  • World-class consulting

  • Measurement strategy development


What users are saying

The Explorance team provided a true partnership. Their professionalism, knowledge, and expertise allowed for a collaborative working environment and met our objectives and more! We look forward to working with Explorance on future projects.

Kaycee Buckley
Director of Global Commercial Learning & Development

Explorance has been an invaluable partner to Clarkston, providing us with the tools and expertise to measure the employee journey. The insights we gain through our engagement survey program informs many of our employee programs and strategic initiatives so we can continue to build a great place to work for our people.

Jessica Morris
Director, HR

Cardinal Health L&D logo

The Professional Services team partnered with us to provide their experience on transitioning from our pilot to a sustain model. Where we had company–specific needs, they were flexible in supporting our needs while continuing to keep us on track to complete the implementation. It was a pleasure working with the team!

Shelly Longo
Director, Learning Enterprise Programming

Eagle's Flight logo

We have been using BLUE 360 for approximately 10 years and find the software provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to implementing 360s…. Overall we are very satisfied with the product and the level of service provided by their help desk - we are always discovering new ways we can use the tool.

Sheila Anderson-Cousins
Director - Measurement and Communications Services

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