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Help organizational leaders make decisions based on the best data available and out-of-the-box
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More than just direct feedback

Leaders throughout your organization can now access the different dimensions of feedback to better understand employees at every touchpoint. Direct feedback is often the primary focus of analysis when so much more information can be unlocked by taking inferred, indirect, and qualitative feedback into consideration. Get the context you need to illuminate blind spots and uncover hidden insights.

  • Direct feedback
    What employees tell you when you ask, gathered through formal listening channels.

  • Indirect feedback
    Unsolicited and informal feedback, given informally through discussion boards, rating sites, and social channels.

  • Inferred feedback
    Demographic, behavioral, and environmental metadata to unlock more context and provide depth.

  • Qualitative insights
    Uncover key themes and sentiment indicators from the rapidly growing volume of unstructured, text-based data.

day-to-day decisions

The right data to the right people at the right time

Monitor, manage, improve, repeat. Give stakeholders the data they need when they need it with reports and dashboards designed and built for them. Automated delivery makes distribution a breeze, and exception analysis and alerts help decision-makers know where to focus and when to take action.

Experience data

Deeper connections yield deeper insights

The employee journey is more than a set of disconnected experiences. Blue breaks down data silos to show the bigger picture. Connect feedback across multiple experience touchpoints with metadata, including environmental, demographic, and behavioral data to gain new perspectives about what drives engagement, retention, and employer brand advocacy.

Machine learning

Find the deeper meaning

Tap into open-ended feedback collected from employee surveys, evaluations, and other sources with Blue Machine Learning (BlueML). Without the right tools in place to leverage this type of feedback, analysis is cumbersome and time-consuming. Make sense of qualitative insights in seconds to understand the underlying sentiment of your employees.

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Categorization – employee experience, learning, and competency development

  • Recommendation categories and qualifiers

Feature highlights

Blue Employee Insight Solutions

Flexible report builder

Create tailored report formats to meet the needs of your audience, including trends and segmentation by any criteria that matter.

Machine learning

Tap into your qualitative feedback data and obtain a more complete picture of employee feedback, categorized by theme and sentiment.

GDPR compliance

Abide by the strictest interpretations of GDPR while still taking advantage of Blue’s full integration and analytics capabilities.

Automated report distribution

Schedule reports to be delivered on a specified cadence or based on triggers you define.

Role & hierarchy reporting

Distribute reports based on organizational hierarchy, role, or other attributes.


Provide reports in a variety of languages as well as cultural adaptations to match audience requirements.


Blue APIs allow data to be pushed and pulled to the most popular systems.


Import metadata such as demographic, behavioral, and environmental factors directly into Blue to yield richer analysis and insights.


Meet the latest accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1 (AA) and Section 508, and provide a seamless experience to all.

IT integration

Leverage existing source data and hierarchy, including SIS, LMS, portals, and other security and information systems.


What users are saying

Eagle's Flight logo

We have been using BLUE 360 for approximately 10 years and find the software provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to implementing 360s…. Overall we are very satisfied with the product and the level of service provided by their help desk - we are always discovering new ways we can use the tool.

Sheila Anderson-Cousins
Director - Measurement and Communications Services

The Explorance team provided a true partnership. Their professionalism, knowledge, and expertise allowed for a collaborative working environment and met our objectives and more! We look forward to working with Explorance on future projects.

Kaycee Buckley
Director of Global Commercial Learning & Development

Cardinal Health L&D logo

The Professional Services team partnered with us to provide their experience on transitioning from our pilot to a sustain model. Where we had company–specific needs, they were flexible in supporting our needs while continuing to keep us on track to complete the implementation. It was a pleasure working with the team!

Shelly Longo
Director, Learning Enterprise Programming

Explorance has been an invaluable partner to Clarkston, providing us with the tools and expertise to measure the employee journey. The insights we gain through our engagement survey program informs many of our employee programs and strategic initiatives so we can continue to build a great place to work for our people.

Jessica Morris
Director, HR

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