Continuous Listening

An always-on feedback channel
to connect with your employees

Easily facilitate feedback in the moment on-demand with Bluepulse.


Maximize employee engagement

quickly adapt

Feedback that moves as fast as your business

Keep employees engaged and connected with a confidential, open feedback channel and follow up directly as needed to clarify misconceptions or close the loop without violating their trust. Quickly adapt to employee needs and identify risks to productivity, engagement, and retention before they become larger issues.

Continuous listening can be used for:

  • Performance feedback

  • Competency measurement

  • Mood and initiative feedback

  • Unsolicited feedback

Be proactive

What is always-on?

Employee development and engagement don’t have start and stop times; it’s ongoing. There should be a feedback tool to match - that’s what continuous listening provides. Always-on means you don’t have to wait for predetermined events to engage or solicit feedback from employees. Share questions, thoughts, information, ideas, and more in a focused manner. Target specific business units or departments and collect responses in real-time.

Track analytics

Why not just send out an email?

Email has its place, but the simple answer is that there’s no data tracking through email. Managing and following up with even just ten recipients becomes a laborious activity. The same is true for other business communication tools. While they may be great for conversations, they can’t take you to the next level and deliver insights and decision support.

Continuous listening provides aggregate scores, trends, and breakdowns by audience segment so you can make informed decisions quickly. Sentiment analysis automatically flags qualitative feedback that may warrant a closer look.

That’s not available through email or other productivity tools. Finally, response-based follow up makes closing the loop easy, whether you’re following up with one employee or thousands.

Bridge the gap

Capture the little wins

Steady improvements make up the big wins. Continuous listening is not only a way to keep employees connected, but it gives them the chance to know
that those little wins are making an impact. Formalized reviews don’t provide a way to create these connections during in-between periods
where so much insight can be offered to guide the development of employees and ultimately drive larger business goals.

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Feature highlights

Continuous listening with Bluepulse

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Ask and answer questions, self-assess, and offer instant feedback from mobile devices.


Ask questions to capture the insights you need to improve by checking in at any time.

Sentiment analysis

Quickly identify qualitative feedback responses that need immediate follow up.


Lighten the feedback experience and drive engagement with an intuitive, familiar user experience that’s presented in the flow of work.

Share and discuss

Increase engagement on shared content with the ability for others to leave comments and further interact through discussion channels.

Timely insights

Track results and progress in real-time to understand what is working and take action to correct issues. Monitor changes in sentiment with ongoing trend reporting.


Give employees a way to provide confidential feedback at any time and about anything. Ensure all of your employees have a voice with Bluepulse’s promise of confidentiality and privacy.

Close the feedback loop

Follow up based on answer selection, audience segment, or individual response to gather additional context or send helpful resources, while maintaining confidentiality.

Seamless integration

Embed open or asset-specific feedback channels into your Employee Portal, LMS, or other systems of record to seamlessly capture a continuous stream of feedback.


Bluepulse is equivalent experience certified and fully compliant with the latest accessibility standards, including WCAG 2.1 (AA) and ADA Section 508.


What users are saying

Eagle's Flight logo

We have been using BLUE 360 for approximately 10 years and find the software provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to implementing 360s…. Overall we are very satisfied with the product and the level of service provided by their help desk - we are always discovering new ways we can use the tool.

Sheila Anderson-Cousins
Director - Measurement and Communications Services

Explorance has been an invaluable partner to Clarkston, providing us with the tools and expertise to measure the employee journey. The insights we gain through our engagement survey program informs many of our employee programs and strategic initiatives so we can continue to build a great place to work for our people.

Jessica Morris
Director, HR

Cardinal Health L&D logo

The Professional Services team partnered with us to provide their experience on transitioning from our pilot to a sustain model. Where we had company–specific needs, they were flexible in supporting our needs while continuing to keep us on track to complete the implementation. It was a pleasure working with the team!

Shelly Longo
Director, Learning Enterprise Programming

The Explorance team provided a true partnership. Their professionalism, knowledge, and expertise allowed for a collaborative working environment and met our objectives and more! We look forward to working with Explorance on future projects.

Kaycee Buckley
Director of Global Commercial Learning & Development

Connect with your employees through continuous feedback.

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