New Poll of American Workforce: Millions Don’t Feel Heard at Work

New report on employee attitudes to feedback

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What’s in this Survey?

The great resignation is underway – an ongoing surge in employee turnover impacting almost every industry across the United States and beyond.

To offer timely insight into how this is challenging and affecting enterprise-level businesses, Explorance commissioned this survey of 2,000 US adult employees across a range of industries. Conducted by Wakefield Research, the survey reveals that companies’ failure to act on employee surveys and feedback may be driving employee turnover.

Key findings include:

  • Most employees (78%) say they’re eager to take company surveys.
  • However, nearly half of respondents (45%) and 40% of executives don’t believe their feedback leads to meaningful change.
  • 41% of all poll respondents say they are seeking a new job.

The full survey results provide a comprehensive insight into the current challenges facing HR & L&D leaders in the US workplace, and how employee feedback can be a key lever in employee engagement.

This survey will be of interest to any organization that is considering embracing a comprehensive Employee Experience Management strategy and better support for employees – from hire to retire.

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