Stay connected with your students amid COVID-19

Explorance recognizes the challenges that Higher Education Institutions now face as they shift to remote classes, and we want to help. Bluepulse is an engagement network that allows institutions to maintain a two-way open communication channel with students when and as needed.

During these uncertain times, we want to do our part to support a seamless teaching and learning transition. That's why we're offering a Bluepulse site-wide license to any Blue institution that chooses to move courses online through May 31, 2021, to help you stay connected with students. Read the FAQ to learn more.

We care about advancing
teaching and learning

Through fellowships, internships, research grants, technology, or any other mean, we will
continue to give our support in the advancement of teaching and learning experience for all.

McGill University MBA
Entrance Fellowship

This fellowship is offered to assist in the education of an academically exceptional student entering the MBA Program at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University.

Fondation Montréal Inc.

Entrepreneurship is something that we're passionate about. That's why we are a Silver Sponsor of the Fondation Montréal Inc., an organization that is part of the Explorance creation story.

University of Toronto Teaching and
Learning Support

Community is important to us, so we will continue to support the University of Toronto's annual course evaluation institute - a collaborative and interactive user-led community.

Internship Program

Our commitment to student success is at the heart of our mission. So we offer internships during the summer and part-time during school to help students gain real work experience, learn new skills, make professional contacts, and become better prepared for employment.

Faculty Research Grants

We know that good instruction promotes student success. That’s why Explorance supports faculty members by offering 16 research grants – a total of $160,000 - to help in the discovery of knowledge and understanding of the use of assessment and course evaluation in teaching and learning.

60 Million Girls

Education is a right that every single person should have access to, despite their socio-economic background. By partnering with 60 Million Girls, Explorance developed Fantastic Phonics, an offline interactive literacy software that is used by children living in remote villages in Sierra Leone.

We built Blue with Higher Education for Higher Education

We share a common sense of purpose with the Higher Education Institutions we partner with and built Blue to support them in optimizing the overall teaching and learning experience.

Student Success

With Blue, we help institutions support learners by optimizing their educational experience and the overall student journey.

Social Responsibility

Blue supports the cornerstone of what higher education cares about, including sustainability, accessibility, and privacy.

Administrator Experience

Through automation, Blue will take care of your operational aspects so administrators can spend their time supporting the decisions that matter.

We believe in providing second chances
through prison education programs

We want to keep people out of prison and help them look at life with hope. By investing in prison education programs, we
can help inmates change their lives, which impacts their families, communities, and society as a whole.

We bring educators together

We don’t do it alone. Our partnership with higher education institutions is truly expressed through
the Bluenotes User Community. Led by our Chief Community Engagement Officer and the Community
Engagement Learning Center department, we support 4 user conferences (APAC, Europe, MENA,
Global), as well as webinars, workshops, and training events across the world.

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