Talent Management Survey software

Gain total visibility into the employee experience by gathering feedback along their journey with your organization

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Anthem National Bank of Canada Saudi Arabian Oil Company

Feature highlights


Modify the look and feel of your surveys forms and customize questions, reports, and more to get the data you need.


With Blue surveys, you can leverage current or event-based data at the source to automatically gather the feedback you need.


Leverage existing source data and hierarchy including HRIS, SIS, LMS, ERP, CRM, and other data sources.


Blue is equivalent experience certified and fully compliant with the latest accessibility standards including WCAG 2.1 (AA) and ADA Section 508.

In selecting Explorance as our strategic partner, in Blue we have a true solution that has taken our capability to the next level. … it is adaptable to a wide range of data collection, analytics and reporting needs, and we have a wide range of Fortune 500 stakeholders who appreciate the modern look, feel and logic of their new interface.

Oliver Giles

Senior Program Manager, American Petroleum Institute

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