Explorance World 2024

Call for Presentations

Submission Due: February 29th at 5 PM EDT
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1. Introduction

Are you ready to revolutionize how we harness Feedback Analytics and artificial intelligence to shape the future of education and talent development?

Explorance World 2024 is the premier event for passionate Higher Education, Human Resources, and L&D professionals committed to nurturing student success, driving teaching effectiveness, and elevating the employee experience through feedback.

We're excited to announce our Call for Presentations! Be the driving force behind the Explorance World 2024 conference program. Join Explorance product users (Blue, MLY, and Metrics That Matter) and Feedback Analytics experts who share case studies, research, best practices, and new approaches throughout the four-day learning experience.

Submit Your Proposal

2. Tracks and Sessions

Explorance World 2024 is where student and employee experience leaders come together to connect, share, learn, and grow. We enthusiastically welcome submissions on various topics that resonate with the conference theme, "Feedback for the Brave: Where Feedback Analytics Meets AI."

Submissions can take various forms, including best practices, case studies (utilizing Explorance solutions), thought leadership pieces, and engaging panel discussions. If you haven't incorporated AI into your work, your presentation can include a segment outlining future AI plans.

We are especially excited to receive presentations that align with the following thematic tracks:

Tracks Theme
Higher Education Tracks
Track 01
Developing a Robust Student Feedback Strategy
Track 02
Survey & Evaluation Design and Technology Configuration
Track 03
Reporting and Analytics: Unlocking Data Insights
Track 04
Insights to Action: Transforming Student Feedback Data into Results

3. Presentation Proposal Format and Submission

To submit your presentation proposal, click the "Submit Your Proposal" button on this page.

Submit Your Proposal

Here's what you'll need to prepare for your proposal submission:

  • Track: Choose the presentation track that best suits your industry and proposal.
  • Title: Craft a catchy presentation or panel title (up to 100 characters) to grab attention.
  • Proposal Description: Summarize your proposal in a compelling abstract (150-300 words).
  • Presenters or Panelists: Share the details of your presenting team (names, email addresses, job titles, and organization).
Person taking down notes while listening to a talk
Example of a presentation title and abstract:

Title: Transforming Your Course Evaluations Process with AI to Be More Future-Proof

Abstract: With the vast amount of student data generated by course evaluations, more and more Higher Education Institutions are harnessing the power of AI to derive actionable insights that were once elusive. AI-powered tools like Explorance MLY can sift through student feedback, uncovering nuanced patterns, sentiments, and trends that inform more effective pedagogical strategies.

In this session, we explore the role of AI in tailoring educational experiences. Specifically, we’ll examine how predictive analytics identify at-risk students and enable timely interventions to ensure their success. Also, discover how personalized course recommendations and resources based on past evaluations and individual learning styles reshape curricula.

If your proposal is selected, the conference registration fee will be waived for each presenter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

4. Ten Tips for Preparing Your Presentation

Below are some tips based on the feedback from past Explorance user conference attendees.

Tip 01
Start with a Clear Message: Define your presentation's main message or key takeaway. This should be a concise statement that guides the entire presentation.
Tip 02
Simplicity is Key: Avoid clutter. Each slide should focus on one main point. Simple, uncluttered slides are easier for the audience to follow.
Tip 03
Limit Text: Keep text on slides to a minimum. Use bullet points, keywords, and short phrases rather than lengthy paragraphs. Your slides should support your spoken words, not replace them.
Tip 04
Visuals Matter: Use high-quality images, graphics, and charts to convey your points. Visuals can make complex concepts easier to understand and more engaging. (If you’re using screenshots from Explorance Solutions, including Blue, MTM, or MLY, contact us for high-quality versions).
Tip 05
Consistent Design: Maintain a consistent design throughout your presentation. Use the same fonts, colors, and layout to create a cohesive and professional look. (Explorance will provide a PPT template to all presenters).
Tip 06
Consider Accessibility: Make your presentation accessible by using readable fonts, good color contrast, and providing alternative text for images.
Tip 07
Explorance Product: If your presentation mentions an Explorance product or feature, briefly describe what it is to help the audience.
Tip 08
Audience-Centered: Always consider your audience's perspective. What will be most valuable or interesting to them? Tailor your content to your specific audience.
Tip 09
Inserting Videos: Make sure your video is in a compatible format like MP4, choose auto-play and looping options, position it thoughtfully, and test it on your presentation equipment to ensure it plays smoothly and audibly. Additionally, consider using slide transitions to integrate the video seamlessly.
Tip 10
Leave Room for Questions: Allocate time for questions and discussion at the end. This shows you value your audience's input. Typically, presentations are 30 minutes long, with approximately 10 minutes for questions and answers.

5. Empowering Your Presentation Journey at Explorance World 2024

Rest assured, we're here to support you every step of the journey. An Explorer will contact you within the month of the conference to address any inquiries and ensure you're fully prepared for your presentation.

Additionally, watch for the soon-to-be-released Explorance World 2024 presentation template, offering a seamless way to align your visuals with the event's theme. We're dedicated to making your presentation an unforgettable part of the conference.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

The deadline to submit your proposal is February 29th at 5 PM EDT. We will contact you with further information if your proposal is selected by March 15th. We greatly appreciate your interest in presenting at the Explorance World 2024 conference.