The Learning & Development Effectiveness Solution
With Metrics That Matter (MTM), you can continually measure, evaluate, and increase the effectiveness of your organization’s learning portfolio at driving employee performance.
Drive meaningful impact in your L&D programs.
Align your learning programs with business outcomes & eliminate scrap learning.
MTM automates the learning measurement process across your entire L&D portfolio.
By combining data from your enterprise systems (LMS, HRIS, etc.) with information collected through learning evaluations, MTM paints a complete picture of your learning programs and business performance.
  • Drive meaningful ROI from your learning programs by leveraging a robust learning measurement methodology that incorporates:
    • Validated survey instruments
    • Purpose built suite of reports
    • Informative Dashboards
  • Reduce waste in your L&D budget and start focusing your investments on programs that achieve tangible results.
  • Leverage the world's largest database of L&D effectiveness and impact benchmarks - which includes Net Promoter, Scrap Learning, and estimated performance improvement due to training.
A scalable solution that combines the best of both worlds.
Combine a validated measurement methodology with powerful analytics tools to help you evaluate & communicate the effectiveness of your L&D initiatives at all levels of the organization.
Start measuring the effectiveness of your L&D programs.